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Our maternity photo session offers a personalized and exclusive experience, providing attention to detail and professional expertise. With a focus on artistic expression, these sessions include custom styling, extended shooting times, and high-quality products. Our maternity session aims to capture the beauty and essence of the pregnancy journey in an exceptional and memorable way.

Maternity Session Pricing

$150 is due to book your session and comes off your total

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East Texas Maternity Photographer
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Serving Dallas, Houston and all of East Texas.

What week of pregnancy should I take maternity photos?

Generally speaking, with a single baby pregnancy its best to shoot 32-35 weeks along. If you are high risk or carrying multiples it's best to book for earlier. Triplets + should be done closer to 20-24 weeks to be on the safe side. Usually you should book much sooner to ensure available dates.

What should I wear for my maternity session?

I would say most professional photographers have a client closet included with the session fee and can give style guidance, however if you aren't hiring a professional, stick to clothes that hug your curves and do not have patterns and logos on them. If we are shooting your session you don't have to fret we will style you from head to toe.

What is a Premier Portrait Photographer?

A premier portrait photographer is a professional photographer who has achieved a high level of skill, recognition, and success in the field of portrait photography. These photographers are known for their exceptional ability to capture the essence and personality of their subjects in portrait photographs.

Overall, a premier portrait photographer is someone who has achieved a level of mastery in their craft and is well-regarded for their ability to create captivating and timeless portraits. Their work often serves as an inspiration to aspiring photographers and leaves a lasting impact on the art of portrait photography. Read more about it on the blog!