East Texas Baby Photographer

Choosing a luxury sitter portrait session elevates the experience of capturing your baby's developmental milestone. With a focus on sophistication and creativity, luxury photographers bring professional expertise to showcase the individuality and charm of your little one during the sitting stage. Custom styling and meticulous attention to detail characterize these sessions, ensuring a unique and personalized photographic journey. The investment in a luxury sitter portrait session guarantees high-quality images that not only document this fleeting period but also serve as timeless, beautifully crafted memories of your child's delightful personality and growth.

The Full Service Experience

All sessions include:

Heirloom Sitter Session

All sessions include:

-Access to our client closet
-Client prep guide
-Expert posing guidance
-Private online gallery
-Fine Art Retouching

Sessions start at $400 + TAX


Serving Dallas, Houston and all of East Texas.

How long does a Family Portrait Session take?

This is subjective. Most family photographers will need anywhere from 45-60min of shooting time. This highly depends on whether you are doing a posed session or lifestyle session and how many locations you are shooting at.

What are the best ages to photograph my infant?

There are definitely some milestones during the first year that are super fun to capture. Those are usually 6-9 months and of course their first birthday session. My favorite ages are 6, 9 and 12 months old as they are the most interactive and changing so much at these stages.