East Texas Newborn Photographer

Booking a luxury newborn portrait session ensures a premium and intimate experience that goes beyond traditional photography. With attention to detail and professional expertise, luxury photographers create timeless and artful portraits of your newborn. The personalized service includes custom styling, high-quality prints, and a focus on capturing the unique personality of your baby. The investment in a luxury session results in not just photos but a cherished collection of beautifully crafted images that commemorate the precious early moments of your baby's life.

The Full Service Experience

All sessions include:

Certified Newborn Photographer

All sessions include:

-Access to our client closet
-Client prep guide
-Expert posing guidance
-Private online gallery
-Fine Art Retouching

Sessions start at $400 + TAX


Serving Dallas, Houston and all of East Texas.

When should newborn photos be taken?

Newborns photograph best between 1-3 weeks old for their session. I personally aim for 2-3 weeks of age. The best way to do this is to book the session during the 7-8 month of pregnancy for about 2 weeks past your due date. Although if you are high risk for preterm labor or carrying multiples this will change. I photograph babies up to 8 weeks as newborns and have even gone older than that successfully. Every baby is different and your photographer should take that into consideration.

Why do photographers want the baby to be sleeping for the session?

Most posed newborn sessions run more smoothly if the baby is sleepy or sleeping. Unless you are doing a lifestyle session babies will be posed and wrapped. If your baby is awake and unwrapped during posing it can actually be risky since babies are strong and incapable of controlling their movements. As much as moms want pictures with the baby's eyes open as I'm sure you've seen, babies are unpredictable and very strong so its best to either have them wrapped to control their movements or have them sleeping.

My baby was premature can I still get photos done?

YES! You absolutely can and actually there is typically a longer window of time that it works. I personally have had successful newborn sessions as old as 4 months due to adjusted age. While we must approach newborn sessions with preterm babies a bit differently they are mostly (when given a clean bill of health) perfectly capable of having an incredible posed newborn session.