Title: Capturing Moments: First 48 Portrait Session vs. Birth Photography

Welcoming a new life into the world is an incredible and transformative experience for any family. The first few days after birth are filled with precious moments, raw emotions, and overwhelming joy. Many families desire to capture these fleeting moments and create lasting memories. That's where professional photography comes into play. In this blog post, we'll explore two popular genres of newborn photography: First 48 portrait sessions and birth photography. Although they both revolve around capturing the early days of a newborn, these two approaches offer distinct perspectives and experiences.

First 48 Portrait Sessions: Celebrating the New Arrival

A First 48 portrait session is typically scheduled within the first 48 hours after a baby's birth. It takes place in the hospital or the place of birth, capturing the purity and essence of those initial moments. The goal of a First 48 session is to document the new family bond, tender interactions, and the baby's first interactions with their parents and siblings.

1- Setting and Atmosphere:

First 48 sessions occur in a controlled environment, such as the hospital room, birthing center or even at home. The focus is on utilizing natural light and the existing surroundings to create timeless and intimate portraits. The photographer aims to capture genuine emotions, providing a beautiful and authentic portrayal of the family's initial connection.

2- Timeframe:

Since First 48 sessions take place shortly after birth, they are usually shorter in duration compared to birth photography. Typically lasting around one to two hours, these sessions allow for a gentle and non-intrusive approach while ensuring the family's comfort.

3- Posed and Candid Moments:

During a First 48 session, the photographer may guide the family into poses that showcase the baby's features, family togetherness, and the love surrounding the newborn. Additionally, the photographer will also capture candid moments, such as the first time siblings meet the baby or the parents gazing adoringly at their little one. The focus is on genuine connections and emotions rather than elaborate setups.

Birth Photography: Documenting the Miracle of Life

Birth photography is a genre that captures the entire journey of labor and delivery. It encompasses the hours leading up to the birth, the moment of arrival, and the immediate postpartum period. Birth photographers are experienced in capturing the raw and transformative moments, offering families a comprehensive visual narrative of the birth experience.

1- Immersive Documentation:

Unlike a First 48 session, birth photography covers a longer timeframe, often ranging from several hours to the entirety of the birthing process. A birth photographer becomes an integral part of the birth team, capturing the intricate details, emotions, and important milestones as they unfold. They work discreetly and respectfully, allowing the family to focus on the birth while preserving every significant moment.

2- Unscripted and Authentic Moments:

Birth photography thrives on capturing the authenticity and rawness of the birthing process. The photographer aims to document the intensity, emotions, and strength displayed by the laboring mother and her support team. From the first contractions to the first cry, every moment is preserved, creating a powerful and emotive collection of images that tell the story of a child's birth.

3- Wide Perspective:

In birth photography, the focus extends beyond the baby and immediate family. The photographer may capture the interactions between medical professionals, the support of a doula, and the expressions of joy and relief from friends and family members who may be present during the birth. These images offer a holistic view of the birth experience and the wider support network.


Both First 48 portrait sessions and birth photography play significant roles in preserving the early memories of a newborn's life. While First 48 sessions offer a gentle and serene atmosphere, focusing on the immediate family bond, birth photography encompasses the entire journey of labor and delivery. Each style provides a unique perspective and results in cherished memories that families can look back on for years to come. Whether you choose a First 48 portrait session or birth photography, the aim is the same: capturing the love, joy, and miracle of life. These professional images serve as a reminder of the profound emotions experienced during the early days of welcoming a new member into the family.