Wardrobe is THE number one biggest thing I get asked about. I have done blogs before on wardrobe but I feel its an ever-changing thing! 

If you are a client and you have made these mistakes don’t fret. I do send a client wardrobe guide to each booked client no matter what. Some skip over it and then inevitably they message me for advice lol! Here is my list of DO’S and DONT’S!

DO – Mix and match colors. As long as the colors you are choosing go well together please mix the tones and colors!

DON’T – Have everyone wear the same shirts! It’s best to mix up the textures as well.

DO – Avoid patterns unless its VERY minimal. This includes logos, plaid, stripes and dots. The camera sees these things differently than the human eye and its very distracting. These pictures are photographing YOU, your clothes are there to complement not distract. Also shirts with wording on them are nearly impossible to shoot where the words are visible and the client is well posed.

DON’T – Wear all stark white (soft white is ok as long as not everyone is wearing it and its shot in studio) OR all family members in black. The human eye sees the brightest thing in a photo first and again your portrait experience isn’t about your clothes its about you! Also stark white will reflect light and cold color onto your skin, no one wants that! As for black, everyone thinks its an easy classic but in fact if you have multiple people in black it actually makes it hard to see where one person begins and the other ends. Some black is totally fine though.

Last but not least DO – Keep in mind any wardrobe mishaps. Please do not wear a shirt with your bra showing if you don’t want it showing in the photos and the same goes with everything. If your shirt is see through, it WILL be see through in the photos. If your shirt/dress is low cut your cleavage will be showing. If your shirt or dress is covered in wrinkles it will show in the photos. If your clothes are not well fitted you will see that as well, this includes children in clothes that are too small or too large. If posing has to be altered because of wardrobe function is could mean a less flattering angle and we are here to help you look your best!

All of these things is why we provide a large selection in our client closet. I provide something for everyone from birth to adult. You shouldn’t have to run out and buy an entirely new outfit for photos unless you want to. Keep in mind also that if you are hiring a professional photographer they should have a client closet for your use as part of your session fee.

Here’s some examples of families that were well put together!